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Nestled within the rugged landscape of Yellodu Village, three eco-consciously built luxury villas stand as an ode to slow living, echoing the natural splendours of the tropical topography around it. With the open terrain serving as its muse, Omnia was built with the intention of living in harmony with nature by marrying sustainable design with techniques that are strongly rooted in preserving and enhancing the environment. The property was built as a refuge from the cacophony of city life—consider it a slice of paradise to lose oneself within.

About Us

Nestled on one-fourth of an acre of land,

Asana is built for a couple or duo.

Symbolising its namesake—which enables us to go into deeply meditative states—the villa is the perfect refuge for an intimate getaway to escape within the spoils of nature. Resplendent in earthy hues and an edit of heritage design objects, this cosy self sustaining villa is equipped with every creature comfort and utilitarian necessity required for a relaxed stay


Dhyana symbolises an inward reflection and the essence of abiding calm, which is echoed in this tranquil villa built on an acre of land to house up to five people. Each room opens into a private swimming pool, which is built in the setback of the structure within the footprint of the house. This allows natural light to cast a rippled reflection of the water across every ceiling in each room, softening the otherwise arid landscape outside


Symbolising a mystical and eternal life-giving force, Prana is nestled within an acre of land to house up to six people. The bedrooms overlook uninterrupted views of the monolithic hill, while the expansive courtyards serve as open-to-sky focal vignettes displaying the foliage of the land and its rock formations. These rocks were extracted from the surrounding hills and implanted here to bring the outdoors within the confines of the home


Sakshi M

Simply one of the best short vacations that my family has taken from Bangalore. The pictures do no justice to how the place actually looks. We felt like we were in a different part of the world. This is a great option for anyone looking for a quick and easy getaway from Bangalore city. 

Suresh V

We rented all 3 Villas to celebrate my mother's seventy fifth birthday, The team at Omnia did a fantastic job at making sure our entire experience was curated to perfection. The level of hospitality, comfort and luxury are second to none.

Smitha P

Our Stay at Villa Prana was one of the best experiences we have had. The ambience, design, service, food and particularly the location are incomparable to any other villa rentals in and around Bangalore. My family and me are looking forward to visiting Nestates Omnia again.

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